Tuesday October 04, 2005 - 03:51 AM

Did the power just go out? Everything turned off for a split second, and then turned right back on.

Anyway, does anyone really need a 30 GB e-mail account? Most people don’t even use 100 MB, but a company decides to give away 30 GB for free? I certainly don’t need it, but I got it anyway. Never say you couldn’t use an extra 30 GB, especially when its given to you for free. You can also use it as file storage, though they haven’t completely implemented this feature yet. You have to e-mail attachments back to yourself right now, but they plan to add a seperate control panel for file storage. They actually have a lot of stuff in the works, and since this is beta, I forsee many new things in the coming weeks. If you want an account, I have 7 invites to give out (its an invite only beta), so just let me know.

Walked my Nintendog. Still can’t beat Malpercio in Baten Kaitos. Finished another mission in Advance Wars Dual Strike. Started to watch Suzuka. Illness seems to be going away. Got my latest issue of Nintendo Power. What happened to the tropical storm? imeem seems like a really awesome community.

Once again, I’m tired. I’ve been feeling really tired lately. Maybe because I am somewhat sick. I know I’ve been sleeping earlier, and its not like I do many physical activities. I’m probably going to try to finish another mission in Advance Wars, then spend the entire night watching anime.

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