Sunday October 09, 2005 - 10:07 AM

In addition to Geist and Pokemon XD (which I got a few days ago), I picked up Trace Memory. I haven’t really started yet, but from the opening and the first few minutes of play, it seems like an incredible game that I’m going to enjoy. I hope that Trace Memory breathes new life into the fading ‘point-and-click adventure’ genre. I loved playing those on the computer back in the day. And damn both Toys N Joys for not having Ouendan! I would’ve so bought it! Thats 50 bucks that you could’ve had!!!!

I was shocked to find that the Nintendo areas in Software Etc. and GameStop have been reduced to almost nothing. DS and GameBoy Advance games didn’t even have its own wall in one of the stores. It was very sad to see, especially when it was replaced with a system that hasn’t even been released yet, and already has a very weak launch line-up. No matter where they stick you Nintendo, I’ll always buy your games.


A great thing happened tonight. Daniel called. It was a big surprise. You know you have friends that never call you just to talk and say hello, and they only call when they want something. Well Daniel called to say hi, and to talk a bit. It felt just like an online conversation though, since we ended up talking about games. It never ends with him. Thats fine though, since I enjoy talking to him. It was real nice. Thanks for calling Daniel.

Called Toys N Joys in Pearlridge and Kaimuki. No Ouendan today. Thought about getting Jump Super Stars, but decided not to. Ate some delicious soba. Drank an Oreo bubble drink. Bought Trace Memory. Finished a few more missions in Geist. Still haven’t started to play Pokemon XD. Sister bought another Cavalier in Nintendogs, so now I have two dogs to watch over. Still waiting for my Final Fantasy VII figures.

Alright, well I’m going to play Trace Memory now.

Oh, and Aaron? I’ve just asked my superiors about what information I’ll be needing from you. So as soon as I get their reply, I’ll message, or e-mail you with more information.

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