Friday April 13, 2012 - 12:58 AM

Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant gestures can create impacts so great that they simply cannot be imagined. The things possible are simply amazing. There are people I admire that work to create small ripples that turn into huge waves.

Then, there’s me.

While I do not know what impacts I make first hand, I take comfort knowing that at some point, someone, somewhere, or something, has been affected by the things that I do. Whether that be with my work, or with the words I speak, or with the people I have relationships with. I know that something has happened because of me. Good or bad. Even if just once.

I may never see the impact that I make. I’m sure most people don’t see the impact that they make. But when you look at the world around you, and clearly see that other people make waves, you can’t help but think that you somehow make waves yourself. Its inevitable. Its part of life. To be human is to both make and be affected by waves. It’s part of having emotions, its part of feeling.

We may not always like the things that others do. We may not always see the things that others do. But its that kind of stuff that keeps life interesting, and keeps us all alive. So thank you, for being human. I only hope that I can affect you someday.

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