Going Mobile
Thursday July 21, 2011 - 02:40 AM

This post describes past developments of this website that are no longer relevant. It has been archived for posterity.

As mentioned previously, I’m always developing and learning new things. Today I want to introduce you to the next part of my vision for the site: prjkthack for Mobile.


prjkthack for Mobile is a totally customized version of the prjkthack website designed for modern mobile browsers. It has been optimized to work with touch friendly devices such as the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices, with larger text and a more finger friendly design.

While the mobile site shares the same content as the full desktop experience, I had to make some choices and exclude things didn’t make sense in a mobile environment. For example, the “Work” section is just a general summary of my work and does not go as in-depth as the full website does. It just was not feasible enough to cram all that info onto a tiny screen. Other things you may notice are re-sized or missing photos due to bandwidth constraints and limited screen real estate. I made an effort to focus the site on the blog, with nearly full functionality and by bringing it front and center (the blog is the first page you’ll see upon visiting the site).

With that being said, I do realize that there are a vast amount of devices available in all shapes and sizes, and the mobile site was designed to accommodate different devices. Higher resolution screens may see more images or additional UI elements, and as time goes on, I will continue to research and tweak the experience so that everyone can get optimal results. The mobile site was meant to accompany, not replace, the desktop and mobile application experiences. You will always get the best view right from your desktop computer, and that probably won’t change for the foreseeable future.

Check out the mobile website by visit mobile.prjkthack.com, or on compatible devices, simply going to www.prjkthack.com will automatically direct you to the version of the site most appropriate for your device.

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