Saturday July 16, 2011 - 03:03 AM

This post describes past developments of this website that are no longer relevant. It has been archived for posterity.

prjkthack Ver 2

“This world’s waited long enough, I’ll be home at last.”

Welcome friends and visitors. It’s been a long time. How are you? I’m good. Notice anything different? Things have been changing here, as you have probably guessed. I invite you to take a look around and take in that fresh new website smell.

Introducing version two of “prjkthack”. Quite a bit has happened here. So let me share some background info on what’s what.

First, let me start off by saying that the Internet has changed greatly in the past year or so (you could even say the past few months). Advancements in CSS and HTML, brand new browser technology, updated versions of my favorite development tools, and tons of brand new services on the Internet. Because of these changes, I was able to focus more on my own personal work and content, and leverage the rich capabilities of the Internet to its fullest. Sometimes, you’ll find that the best way to experience original content is where it was originally published, so I’ve left most of the outside content in their own environments. I’ve also taken the time to dive into other areas of interest like mobile development and photography.

prjkthack has been redesigned from the ground up to serve information about me that you can’t find anywhere else, namely my own work and accomplishments, and of course, my personal blog. You will still find small snippets of information from outside services (such as Flickr and Twitter), but I realize that to really enjoy that stuff, you need to actually visit those sites. Twitter is best experienced at Flickr photos are best viewed at the Flickr website. prjkthack is for the stuff you just can’t get elsewhere.

Everything here has been changed or cleaned up. I’ve learned a lot in the past few months and applied those things to the site. Let’s take a look at some of the changes:

- A clearer and more intuitive design. Some big changes, and some small changes, but they all add up to a more cohesive site layout and design.
- The navigation along the top is now fixed to the top at all times, so you are never too far away from other parts of the site.
- With modern browsers, you’ll find bits of CSS 3 and HTML 5 here and there, and I’m always looking for new ways to make the site better, so things will constantly be changing.
- For those of you using a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 9, you’ll be able to pin the site to your taskbar for enhanced functionality.
- Some parts of the site have been optimized for large touch screen based devices (such as tablets).
- The RSS feed now includes more content in a more readable format.
- If you have yourself an awesome Windows Phone 7 device, you can also keep in touch with prjkthack with the free app available on the Marketplace.
- The “Blog” is a bit more fleshed out. Entries are now categorized and can be filtered by category if you prefer. A better comment display layout. More of my ‘personal’ stuff is visible on the blog sidebar, rather than being featured on the homepage.
- The brand new “Work” section displays my personal portfolio of work, projects, and accomplishments. It will be updated as new work is started.
- Much more work on the platform and back-end stuff.

There are a lot of changes here, and there is more to come. I always say web design and development is never ‘complete’. There is always something to fix, something to learn, and something to add. Over the next couple of weeks i’ll be doing some bug fixing and general cleanup, and then move on to adding new functionality and optimization

It has been quite a ride, and I appreciate each and every visitor to the site. As a side note, I will be blogging more often, and this will include stuff like the work I am doing or interesting things I have found. Stay tuned because the best has yet to come!

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