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Embrace Change
Monday August 08, 2011

Well, worked on the site a little bit today. Small graphical changes here and there. Buttons act more like buttons now, and with some nice CSS3 transitions they just feel better to use overall. I’ve also completely overhauled the entry tag system with a more typical tagging feature. You can find all the tags used in a cloud format in the sidebar. That means I have to manually tag all my entries with the relevant tags, so that’s going to take some time. Also, submitted an update to the Marketplace for my prjkthack app to fix a bug with blog images not showing up properly.

Slightly off-topic, Twitter rolled out #newtwitter to everyone today. The new site brings some much needed changes to the Twitter experience as a whole. 140 characters used to be just that, but new Twitter shows you the power of that little block of text. It means so much more than it ever did before, and makes Twitter an even more powerful tool for staying in the know and keeping in touch. Of course, change breeds resistance, and there are lots of complaints about the new Twitter experience. So to all you people who don’t want to embrace change, give yourself and the new things in your life some time, you’ll learn just how much more useful Twitter is. For the rest of you people who are just too ignorant to understand, feel free to leave Twitter, we’ll be happier without you. =]

I’m sure the Twitter development team is sitting in their office right now, waiting for you to retweet your dislike of the #newtwitter. Yep, they’ll totally see the light and revert back to old Twitter because you unfollowed the official Twitter account. Yeah right. What a bunch of idiots.

Change is inevitable. Just get over it, move on, and embrace it. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Saturday August 13, 2011


So true. Sometimes, even I don’t believe it myself though.

The world would be a more unique, and more open place if everyone believed this.

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