Stuff from November 2009.

Tuesday November 03, 2009


I had only gotten my original Touch Pro back in January, and of course I had to get the Touch Pro2 once it came out for AT&T. Of course, I was not eligible for a full upgrade so I had to lay down the 500 bucks. That’s alright though, totally worth it. The phone is snappier, has a larger screen, and a beautiful keyboard. Its a dream to use. Anyway, enough about the phone.

Picked up Halo 3: ODST but haven’t gotten around to playing much of it. Also picked up Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Dead Space Extraction. I think I am almost done with Dead Space, and it’s been quite enjoyable so far.

Halloween was fun. It certainly was not any of the drama that was last year, but it was just plain fun. Had dinner at CPK, and saw a bunch of interest costumes. Photos can be found on my Flickr account.

And that’s about it. Despite the fact that my last entry was ages ago, not much has really been happening. Work, games, friends, drama. Always the same.

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