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For Miles
Sunday July 19, 2009

On that day, all of the scales will swing to set all the wrongs to right.

Life is different for us all. Everyone is made up of their own environments and experiences. We see those that stand beside us and realize that we are all very different. There are things we will never become, things we will never see, and things that we can only dream of.

A big part of life are the people we allow into it. The people we allow to make up who we are. Most of these people we choose because of our environment; they just happen to be around at a certain time, and therefore there is a common bond, and thus a connection is made. With how important friends are, you would think we’d put more time into choosing these individuals. We place our faith and trust in these people. We expect more of them, and they probably do the same. Yet still we base these connections on little more than text on a page or a short introduction.

Anyway, just a little insight into some recent thoughts. My observation, if you will. Now, to take my head out of the clouds for a second…

The trip to California was absolutely awesome; something I will never forget. Couldn’t take the bank anymore so I removed it from my life. I do not like sunburn and its effects. Made lots of new friends, but lost some along the way. Bought a new wallet. Running on Windows 7. Been doing lots of running, sit-ups and push-ups. Trying to watch my eating as well, but that is turning out harder than I thought. Watched the latest Harry Potter movie and was disappointed. Lots of new music to listen to. Kicked David’s ass in Halo and billiards. Hiking on Monday.

I’m tired. I just want to sleep for a few weeks.

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