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Friday May 15, 2009

It’s time to start over.

Yesterday, I finally rolled out an update to my website. I’ve spent a few weeks on it, and while I’m not completely done, I felt that it was complete enough for actual use. I’ve designed the site to be more informative, connecting you to any and all information about me. I’ve made numerous other changes and additions, and most importantly, I’ve changed the name. I feel that since the new site focuses much more heavily on me, it should be titled to reflect that. So what better name to use than that of my own online persona.

Some things to note: I’ve designed the site to work in Internet Explorer 8, and found that it also works perfectly in the latest revisions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. There are some kinks to work out in Internet Explorer 7, and I have completely dropped support for Internet Explorer 6 and below.

With that out of the way, I have noticed that I haven’t written an entry for quite some time. Things have changed since the last entry, and clearly there have been many updates (and lots of new photos as well). Obviously I can’t cover everything here (well I could, but i’ll spare you the details), so i’ll just summarize everything like I normally do.

May marks my one year anniversary with American Savings Bank. Saw Star Trek (two times so far) and it was absolutely awesome. Three (almost four) months with Phil so far. Coughing like crazy and I don’t know why. Started redecorating my room - moving things around and buying new furniture. Finally got a new computer, and bought it a 1TB hard drive and a new video card. Congratulations to Amanda and Noel for finally tying the knot. Got to hang with Julie and exchanged words with Rven. Back to playing LoTRO again - how I missed you. Finally got to visit the Arizona Memorial and it was just as I had imagined: boring. Went to Kawaii Kon for the first time as a regular attendee and not staff. Sister got a new dog: Domo! Took a trip with Phil to Tokyo and I had an absolutely amazing experience there. Gained an addiction to Genki Sushi and Spicy Tuna anything. Bought a Nintendo DSi but spent considerably less on video games so far than in previous years. Stepped into a Target store for the first time. Learned how to get around UH Manoa even if I don’t go there. Made many new friends (and of course, always hoping to make more). Learning more about myself, even though I thought I was pretty much complete. Bought myself a copy of Borat and Stranger Than Fiction - love those movies. Caught up with the times a little with my first Bluetooth headset for my mobile phone. Tried out Yogurtland, Menchie’s, Red Mango, and Orange Tree - so far Orange Tree is the best when it comes to frozen yogurt, but Milano Freezer beats them all.

Also, yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed it in the company of my friends and boyfriend. I had much fun, and I appreciate my boyfriend throwing it all together. Thank you.

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