Stuff from February 2009.

Without You
Wednesday February 04, 2009

So I don’t have much that I really want to elaborate on, so i’ll go through a quick run down of what’s been going on.

Got my passport in the mail last night. Cancelled Helio - thank you for over a year of great service. Sticking with AT&T and my HTC Fuze. Filed my taxes (my return is expected in a little over a week). Filed Phil’s taxes. Got a special bonus from American Savings Bank. Going to Japan in less than two weeks. Experienced how far Komoda has to walk from one place to another at UH Manoa. Tons of new photos available on my Flickr photostream. Re-tagged a whole bunch of my photos. Listening to a bunch of new artists (consisting of both old and new songs). Cleaned up my ‘friends’ lists. Did not break 100 while bowling. My location is available on Google Latitude (add me).

Finally, I found someone that I just can’t get enough of. He makes me so happy that I’m like a giddy school girl (as Kyle puts it).

Also, this spicy tuna I am eating is actually spicy. Amazing.

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