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Wednesday January 07, 2009

It’s a brand new year, and things are always changing.

Let me just start off with the obligatory Happy New Year and all that. I hope you all had a great 2008, and are looking forward to an even better 2009.

So I’ve been with Helio and had the Ocean for over a year so far. I love the phone itself, the network has been very reliable, and the plan is inexpensive for unlimited everything. Customer support can be shaky sometimes, but generally they’ve been great too. I needed a change though. I despise the iPhone, i’m not a fan of the Blackberry, and I can’t stand the Sidekick. Then there is the HTC Touch Pro. I have been watching the phone for a while now, and I finally caved in and got it. Granted, its only for a trial period, but so far so good. It set me back $350 dollars (not counting the $50 rebate), and if I decide to keep it, it’ll cost me an early termination fee from Helio (which I don’t mind).

Of course with this new phone came a new carrier: AT&T. I’ve never been a fan of AT&T. Their customer service is dismal, voice-based services are alright, but the data connection is definitely wonky (although with this new phone, I get above normal 3G speeds with HSDPA, so when it does work, its blazing fast). With the switch, I’ve also had to downgrade minutes. I am sorta kinda paying less, but I only have 1400 minutes on a shared family plan. Of course I have unlimited data and texting, but its the minutes that I hate worrying about. I took a glance at my Helio bills for the past couple months, and I see that my monthly usage ranges from about 300 to 3000 minutes. That’s a pretty big difference. Anyway, i’m loving the phone, had some issues with AT&T, but nothing major. I think I will probably end up switching. So we’ll see.

Alright, enough phone talk. In other news, I have a few presents that I haven’t opened. Waiting on some other things. Overall though, I got a good set of gifts. Some nice stuff from some people, and even some surprises. It was a rather nice Christmas. Overall, 2008 was a pretty good year. Some huge changes of course, but still a good year overall.

Hit my 6 months with American Savings Bank, so I finally got my shirt. Found a new favorite store. Found out that having two phones is confusing, and that I don’t know how Quincy handles three. Hopefully going to start house shopping soon. GWB is progressing, but not as quickly as I had thought it would. Been listening to The Ting Tings and Taylor Swift a lot lately.

Seriously, not much has been happening, and I’m rather glad. Not too long ago, everything was jumping at me all at once and I did not like that. Now things have slowed down, and I can refocus and just start over.

Anyway, here’s to an eventful new year.

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