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4:03 PM
Wednesday September 03, 2008

Holy crap. Our soda machines accept credit cards now. That will not be good for my bank account.

I keep meaning to write more, but of course, I’m so busy now that I can’t sit down for a few minutes to do any one thing.

Monday September 08, 2008

So make your wish. Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it. With all your heart.

I guess I really haven’t been in the writing mood. Everytime I try to write, I feel blocked by something. I don’t know if its something going on right now, or if it happens to be something in the past… heck, maybe its related to the future. I hope that it goes away. I miss my ability to write one paragraph after another.

The Thrice concert was awesome. They played some of their old stuff, which I never really got into. Hearing it again made me go back and rediscover the music that I’ve missed from them. Some of the stuff from the Red Sky EP has caught my attention, along with a few songs from Identity Crisis and Artist In The Ambulance. Makes me wonder why I ever removed the older stuff to begin with. I still like The Alchemy Index better, but all their music holds a place in my playlist.

Seeing my friends was even more awesome. I don’t always get the things that they say and do now. I suppose i’m no longer part of the circle, but I still enjoy their company very much. It’s a rare chance I get every now and then to just go crazy.

I’ve always wanted to eat at Ninniku-ya, and today was the day that I finally got to. All the garlic infused foods were absolutely delicious. They gave a generous portion of steak with a delicious sauce, numerous dipping sauces and a few sides. I loved it. Totally worth all the waiting and wanting. Of course it came at a price. The meal was almost $100 for just the two of us, which I guess isn’t too bad when you think about it. Then again, its not normal that I pay nearly $100 for a 2-person meal.

There are a lot of things on my mind, especially as of late. I’ve lost a few things recently, but I’ve also gained other things. Life is all about balance, and keeping that balance is most difficult.

Quincy just left, and while I realize its only for a few weeks, I’m still going to miss the nights at Starbucks, at least until he gets back. Marc has decided not to remain here in the islands, and will be moving back in a few weeks, which also makes me sad. A few people have left the office recently, and while I didn’t know them very well, I know they are people I know I could’ve grown to love. I’m going to miss my morning coffee with Brandi. Ricci is making me an alcoholic, which is fun, but probably not a good thing. I have to try and pace myself.

I’ve typed a good size entry today. Funny how after I complained about not being able to do so, I end up with more than what I expected. Anyway, I have work tomorrow. Have a great night.

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