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Tuesday June 10, 2008

This is an end.

An end filled with new hopes and new dreams - some that I’ve longed for, and others that I’ve never had before. Something brave and gutsy, and maybe even foolish. It’s an ending toward a direction that I know is neither right nor wrong. I just have to keep going and hope that the things along this path are positive. Part of the fact of being me is knowing that positive is not an absolute truth. There will be negatives, there will definitely be negatives, but in the end it shouldn’t matter at all.

Tomorrow I’ll go to work and notice how empty it is around me. Bland, boring buildings and tall grass as far as the eye can see. I see it so empty, but I feel the complete opposite. I see new faces that I’ll grow to love, and old ones that will never falter. I see brand new experiences, and continuing journeys. I see things that I never thought I’d see before, and the people who are there to see it with me.

And if I look just beyond the bland, boring buildings, beyond the tall grass, I’;ll see someone that I love. Someone that I don’t go a day without. Someone who only wishes the best for me, and pushes me to places that - while I may not want to go - are ideal for me. Someone who strives to better both himself and the one he loves.

I’m trying - I hope that you see that.
I’m changing - I hope that you continue to change with me.
I’m here - No matter where I am.

To some - and you know who you are: you know that I appreciate everything you do, and hope that you realize just how much I feel for you.
And to you: You already know what I want to say to you. Don’t you forget it.

This is a beginning.

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