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Saturday July 21, 2007

Silence can be a lot of things.

It can mean the difference between moving on, or being held back. It has the potential to break, or to make stronger. It can show me things that I would never want to see, or it can surprise me in the best possible ways. It can bring us closer, or push us farther away.

It’s a new direction. A step into uncharted territory. It’s a test of personal strength, and of collective endurance.

It’s now.

They’ll Never Know
Sunday July 29, 2007

Finally - back online. It’s been quite a while. I had some server issues, but those were resolved a while ago. During that time I just decided to take the whole site down. I didn’t want to bother with maintenance or stuff like that. I felt I was done. Well, I’ve changed my mind, and here we are again.

Since I came back online, I’ve been working on the site here and there. I’ve updated a lot of stuff and changed a few images. I disabled a few features (no more emoticons and RSS feeds), fixed a whole lot of broken code, and updated other features. I’ve added some new stuff too, like Facebook Status updates and private entries. It’s still the same site that it’s always been though, and I’m still in love with this layout, so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

I’ve certainly been neglecting the blogs on this site, and I probably will continue to do so (at least the play and Kioku sections). I’ll try and write more in my personal blog, and write less in Facebook and LiveJournal. Facebook’s ‘Notes’ application doesn’t really serve my blogging needs. Its a nice small program that is meant just for notes, not really for anything substantial. LiveJournal is nice, but I really just want to keep everything I write in one place. That place is here. Much of the stuff on my LiveJournal was private, so I’ve modified my site to reflect that. That means you’ll start seeing entries that you just can’t read (replaced with an error message). That’s just how I want it.

I’ve done a lot of consolidation over the past few weeks. Services and accounts I used to have are no more. All my photos on Flickr have been removed (and I’ve opted to use Facebook’s photo application instead). I’ve pretty much abandoned MySpace, but its still there so that I can continue to keep in contact with those who haven’t switch over to Facebook. My Xanga is starting to look like a Xanga again. I just felt it was time. I had too many accounts and used too many things at once. It got a bit overwhelming, and it seems incredibly stupid to have an account for every site on the Internet. Totally not necessary.

Life has changed since this place was alive. It’s definitely for the better, and it will continue to get better. I’ll make it better.

- 1 Day Remains -

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