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Dissociative Identity
Wednesday September 06, 2006

The Internet - yay! I love you Internet… sometimes. There are also times when I wish you were an object I could kick or throw into the ocean. Then again I’m not a violent person so I would probably just verbally insult you. Anyway, being back online is a good thing, I think. Lots of e-mail, news, and work to catch up on. I also have quite a few things to retrieve and restore.  I hope I still have lots of recent backups somewhere.

I made some changes to The Hack Project that I’ve been putting off for a long time. I figure I might as well make the changes seeing as how I’m diving through everything anyway. All my blogs now have unique names - no more generic crap. I figured it would add a little personality, and would be a more creative way of addressing my blogs. Personal has turned in progress., Anime has turned into Kioku (Which is Japanese for memory), and Nintendo has turned into play. Each page has been updated to reflect these changes, and I made lots of changes to the code itself, so I hope I didn’t break anything. I also updated most of the other pages and fixed some spelling/grammatical errors. Oh, I added a Super Nintendo category to play. I’ve been playing my SNES a little bit, and figured I would write about it. Maybe throw up a few reviews, impressions, and articles. We’ll see how that goes.

Back to life - I’d write about the past week, but I’d rather put that mess behind me. Maybe at a later date. I’ve got other stuff to do, so I’m going to end it here and return to normalcy.

9 days left.


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