Stuff from August 2006.

Wednesday August 09, 2006

Finally, I’ve finished version 5. It’s taken some time to get concepts working and completed, plus I’ve been sick and busy lately, so I haven’t had much time to devote to the site. Everything should be working… I hope. If something doesn’t work, let me know please. I don’t have tons of time to devote to bug checking… then again, I guess now I do since I’m done.

Aside from functional and cosmetic changes, one of the bigger changes has to do with my pictures. I’ve moved them all off-site to my Flickr account. Flickr is a far more functional method of handling my pictures… my personal galleries were way too much work. I’ll leave the hard work to the Flickr developers, because its more important to deliver the pictures to you than to design an interface for them. Hopefully it means I can take more pictures more often.

Now to get to real life. I have been sick. Really sick, at least I was. I got over it recently, and I’m feeling much better now. Been working hard, both on the web design front, and with Kawaii Kon. There is still much to do. Kawaii Kon has been relocated to the prestigious Hawaii Convention Center - more work and more fun. Nitro gets closer and closer to launch every day - whenever that day will be, it’ll be exciting.

Playing Donkey Konga 2 now, which is actually quite fun. Hopefully I can find the other games, maybe even grab the imports for more songs. Fun game. No stores are talking Wii reservations yet… but I’ll keep asking so that I can reserve it day one.

So anyway, I’ll try to write in my blogs a little more often, maybe throw up a few pictures every now and then. I’m actually quite tired, still not feeling perfect.

Friday August 18, 2006

So I had lots of stuff to do the past few days. Of course, my main concern was my hair. I needed a haircut, and I got one. Thank goodness, because the heat is killing me. I feel so much better now. Also did a little shopping… picked up a few new games (Second Sight, and Spartan: Total Warrior). I wanted to also pickup Summon Night for the Game Boy Advance, but unfortunately no stores were carrying it except for Toys R Us, where it was 35 bucks. I’ll get it sooner or later. Oh and Terence, I’ve been unable to find anymore copies of Megaman Zero, although I found the 4th iteration, but that’s not the one you wanted.

I had quite a surprise on Wednesday - Shauna dropped by. She used to come by weekly, at least until she was sent to Youth Challenge. She returned recently, and even has a darn car. Good deal, I suppose. We caught up a little, talked about some stuff. It seems she is heading to college now, which is good for her. She plans to be a game designer. If she does well and gets into the industry, maybe I can ask her to help out Nitro in some way. Anyway, she looks exactly the same, maybe a little taller. Most of the people that I know that came out of Youth Challenge had a somewhat altered appearance, but their personality stayed more or less the same. Shauna seems to have kept her normal appearance, but has… matured. A change in behavior and personality is probably the result that the program is hoping for… I hope it came through for her.

Last night I decided to clean up a little. I hate seeing all the wires for the sound system… so I finally hid most of them so they aren’t so darn noticeable. Also threw out some old stuff that I no longer need or use, dusted… the works. Still not done though… I’ll do some final cleaning in the new few hours…

Today, I had to send in my Metroid Prime Hunters card to Nintendo so they could fix whatever was wrong with it. Nintendo’s repair service never ceases to amaze me. They sent me a pre-paid UPS label yesterday… all I had to do was grab a envelope, stick the game in, slap on the label and send it on it’s way. Easy, simply, and pretty much free (well the envelope costs 60 cents). Picked up some green tea on the way home…

I’m still waiting on packages from Microsoft. I do hope they don’t send me an unncessarily big box like they usually do. The boxes they use are always really huge, yet the contents really don’t ever warrant such a large parcel.

Oddly enough, I’ve also been talking on the phone a bunch. To people of course. Oh such memories. I dread some and love others.

I want to see Snakes on a Plane. Hmmm…

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