Stuff from July 2006.

Day After Day
Sunday July 09, 2006

So it has been some time since I’ve written in entry. Aside from being quite busy for the past few months, everything has been basically the same.

Got a bunch of new stuff recently… new mouse, keyboard, wallet, GameCube and DS games, anime-related collectibles/toys, manga, Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector… my Microsoft TechNet subscription continues to arrive monthly, my EGM subscription finally started, my box of Take 5 candy came in (quite a delicious candy actually)... I’m still waiting on some new stuff from Microsoft… they always use the slowest of shipping methods.

I’ve also been thinking about… a lot of things. Stuff that I used to think about years ago, and new aspects of my life. I don’t know exactly why all these thoughts have popped into my head. I’m not enjoying many of the thoughts… but I suppose I can understand where they may be coming from. Eventually I’ll have to face everything… and if things continue to head in the direction that they are now, then I will absolutely have to sort them out. I don’t want to leave any unfinished business - definitely not.

I’m really tired. I haven’t been keeping up on any anime… I’m either playing games, working, or thinking about work… I need some fresh air. Maybe I should start running more often or something.

Full Moon Sways
Thursday July 13, 2006

What a fool…
I don’t know about tomorrow
What it’s like to be.

I was sure…
Couldn’t let myself to go…
Even though I feel… the end.

I don’t know what to do.

A Different Day
Tuesday July 18, 2006

So I don’t know what I was doing today. I was looking around today… kind of hated the way my room looked, and I ended up rearranging stuff and cleaning. I haven’t exactly felt happy recently either. Lots of different things have been bothering me… but some of those things have been resolved… at least I hope so. Cleaning makes me feel better… I wonder why. Maybe because its something that I can easily accomplish, and when I’m done I can look at it and view it as an accomplishment and be happy about it. Then again, it just may be because I don’t know any other way to make myself feel better - in which case I just take whatever happiness I can get.

Along with my obsession over dusting, I went through some of my boxes and cases… of course one in particular that I try not to touch so much is my box of keepsakes and memories. Looking at it can bring such happiness and light to my eyes. Unfortunately, it also has the habit of bringing tears down my face. This time it was a little of both. Some laughing… some crying… and a lot of thinking. There is a lot of stuff in there, ranging in time frames from middle school to as recently as last week. Pictures of people I couldn’t live without… letters from people who have moved on… reminders of things that I can’t let go.

Since I don’t have the best memory, a lot of the times I forget about much of the stuff within this case. I don’t think about it, or forget the event even happened. Then I see it all again, and every single moment comes right back to me, as if it had never left. I miss many of those days… and dread others… even now.

Marc and Chris have such ugly handwriting. I forgot if I told you Aaron, but Marc wanted us to send him pictures… that was ages ago though. I know I sent some… and I’m pretty sure I told you… and Justin still owes Chris $500. There are some times I wish we could all just get together and talk until the early morning like we used to… then again… that might have been only me and Aaron…

I really miss Buddy. Actually.. I miss a lot of things. Today is so different than yesterday.

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