Stuff from May 2006.

Twenty One
Monday May 15, 2006

Thanks to everyone who helped plan the festivities. I had tons of fun. I still wish I hadn’t forgotten my DS though. Though now I can go get a DS Lite. Yay!

Joshua told me to search for what I drank last night, and I did… damn it was disgusting. I hate 151 - with a passion. I know I’ve said for a long time that I wouldn’t drink, and I’m quite happy I didn’t give in to any more than that 1 drink I promised. Just like any other drinking-related event, it always proves I have an oddly high tolerance for alcohol, even if I hate it to death.

Thanks also to Kim, and Terence, and even Josh. I have no idea what’s inside whatever you are sending me Kim, but thanks. Oh, and I’m also happy to know that I have the second half of my gift on the way Terence. More thanks to everyone else who wished me happy birthday. It was great hearing from some of you, especially those I haven’t seen in a long time.

I am now 21… but nothing feels different. I’m still me, maybe a little tired from coming home at 4 in the morning, but other than that, incredibly happy that I’ve been given so many wonderful friends. Happy that I have met the people that I’ve met, and given the chances that I’ve been given.

No doubt about it… I’m happy.

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