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Without A Name
Sunday April 02, 2006

Prom was wonderful. It was actually slightly more subdued than I had originally thought, but still it was fun nonetheless. Lauren’s friends are a complete blast and every moment was a brand new adventure. That entire weekend was lots of fun really. Jon played 360 all night while I attempted to sleep, we stayed up till around 2 AM just talking about ‘stuff’, Lauren’s beautiful hair style took an hour to create (which surprised me), Halekulani pulled out the good food for prom, Buca di Beppo was delicious, the rain was relentless, the limo was tons of fun… so much happened, it was just one unforgettable weekend.

Oh, so right after I got home from prom, my computer decided to die. Not sure why exactly… it might have something to do with all the moisture in the air, it getting into my computer, short circuiting the power supply… something like that. Anyway, it died Saturday evening when I got back from prom. I was, of course, devastated. Then of course I try turning it on today and it works fine. Odd how the world works. Today was a sunny day… Anyway, no computer makes Timmy a sad boy.

And now I’m playing Metroid Prime Hunters like crazy. The hits just keep on rolling. Go DS, go.

Title is slightly cryptic today because I couldn’t think of a proper one.

Good bye Joshua! Stay safe! You had better come back before my birthday so we can party.

Kawaii Kon 2006 - Less than 2 weeks remaining.

Mixed Tape
Friday April 14, 2006

Kawaii Kon 2006 begins today, at least for me. I’ll be at the hotel, and probably on the convention floor a lot, so look me up if you need help or just say hello. I’ve spent a year waiting for this single weekend, and one thing that I’m sure of is that its going to fly by.

Everything is going to be a blur.

I hope I can get some Metroid Prime Hunters game time in, I need practice before the season begins. I hope DSmeet stays sane and that Nitro grows…

Not much to write… I should have lots more after the convention.

Kawaii Kon 2006
Wednesday April 19, 2006

Ok, so right now, you DO NOT know how incredibly tired I am. I mean, holy crap, tired is an understatement. So I finished unpacking - all my new items are now either on display or stored somewhere. I took a bunch of pictures too, and I’ll put them up later.

I missed much more this year than I did last year. I did get to enjoy the Yoko Ishida concert (which rocked). Then on Sunday, we met with Yoko at the pool and took a picture and got her autograph, so that was pretty cool (Yoko in a bikini!). I got tons of DVDs, tons of manga, a few toys, lots of figures, some autographs, and really just a lot of stuff. I did miss out on Jin Kobayashi, which makes me kind of sad.

I want to thank all the friends that I saw. It was good fun seeing you and getting a chance to catch up a little. Aaron let me know earlier next time so I can get you, Amixa and Alton in free - then you won’t have to stand in that horrible line all over. I saw you move slowly every time I ran past the line, and felt so bad I couldn’t help you guys out. I look forward to seeing you all again, and hopefully I can actually do more hanging out and less working.

Thanks to my staff and to all the Kawaii Kon staff for all the hard work they put in. You guys were all amazing and I can’t wait to do it all over again. You guys exceeded expectations and I’m so glad that we got this rare chance to work together. You guys know exactly what a convention is about, and you guys are the only ones who get to experience it fully.

I only cried a little this year (no, really). I am now going to sleep a little, maybe eat something first… but I definitely need more sleep. Then I have lots of downloads and TV to catch up on, plus more cleaning…

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