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Wednesday March 01, 2006

Welcome to revision 4.

This one took a few weeks. I had some trouble with some of the backend, but nothing really bad. Anyway, I revamped all of the pages. Headlines and titles are much more clear… actually, the whole site in general is a lot more clean. There is also much more linkage going around, especially in some of the most obvious places, so it should be more intuitive now. The Profile page has changed slightly, and the Home page is now actually useful (it provides a summary of some of the activity around the site). The Photos page now has more pictures, and a different layout. The actual album layout itself remains the same - I was going to implement a Flash-based photo viewer, but Firefox compatibility was zero. Stupid Firefox.

As far as the blogs go, they have seen some slight improvement. There is a now a ‘Comments and News’ section for the Anime Blog, so I can finally write random thoughts and the like in that blog. I also added a new series to blog there, along with new entries and a review of Sousei no Aquarion. Now the Nintendo Blog has seen very marginal improvements. It really is almost the same, with slight changes here and there. I did manage to write up a review of Animal Crossing: Wild World, so that’s probably the biggest change there. I think I’m going to introduce a Super Nintendo category, seeing as how I recently got my SNES back. I should get some game time in and write up reviews for the games. I think it’d be nice to have such a fresh perspective on retro games.

I wanted to wait a little bit before I actually published revision 4, but I also wanted to get it up as soon as possible. So I made a few last minute changes and upgraded. I’ll continue to make changes for the next few days… so we’ll see what happens.

Now I want to get some anime time in…

Mikey Santos
Tuesday March 07, 2006

As we journey through life, we don’t stop to think of what could happen. Usually we only think about what should happen, or what we want to happen. When something completely unexpected does occur, it is only after that we truly realize what is just going on.

I wish to convey my condolences to the Santos family, and I want everyone to remember that Mikey just wasn’t a friend. He was someone who went out of his way to make you laugh. He would do the stupidest things just to make you smile. I couldn’t begin to count the number happy memories that he has given me, and I won’t forget them, not one. Everyone that knows him, knows just how awesome Mikey has been, and will continue to be, even in death.

Mikey: You will continue to make me smile, and I’m sure that many more people will remember you and smile. None of us will forget you or any of the wonderful memories that we have of you. You won’t just be missed, you’ll be loved and remembered too. Rest in peace. I’m going to miss you.

Michael Santos ~ March 4, 2006

Friday March 24, 2006

So flowers, tuxedo, accessories, clothes, DS, camera, haircut…

Prom this Saturday… I hope that it’ll be a blast. Previous similar events weren’t ‘blasts’ but they were fun because I was always with friends. This should be no different. I guess I’ll see though…

Tomorrow is going to be one busy day.

Catch you on the end of the weekend…

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