Stuff from February 2006.

Thursday February 16, 2006


Recent spoils include: Trauma Center (very few copies left), Phoenix Wright (the last copy I could find anywhere!), Linkin Park Underground 5.0 Package, Animal Crossing: Wild World Player’s Guide and Nintendo Power (March, V201).

Anyway, I haven’t written in here for some time, so let me recap on a few things…

So now I’m playing World of Warcraft. I really didn’t like the beta too much, but as I explained to someone else, there is something about Blizzard games… I play them like crazy when I first get them, but then my interest dies slowly until I stop playing them altogether. Then a few months later I’ll install the game again and play it like crazy. Repeat process over and over for many years. I’m sure i’ll be installing Diablo 2 sometime in the near future once again. Maybe it’ll be different this time since WoW is an MMORPG. Funny thing is that it only happens with Blizzard games. I can play stuff like Age of Empires or Dungeon Siege forever and not get bored of it.

This Saturday there is another Kawaii Kon staff meeting. All the staffers are going to get together at Kakaako Waterfront Park for some inside info and food. I kind of don’t want to go… I’ve been feeling really tired (and slightly down) lately, but maybe this event will pick me up.

Joined TagWorld, which is pretty much MySpace and Web 2.0 all rolled up into a semi-nice package. Hopefully it’ll won’t become another MySpace… but I think that’s hoping for too much.

I’ve been working on 4.0. I like the current system that I have in place, so it really is more of an aesthetic upgrade than anything else. It looks a little smarter, and puts more emphasis on more important elements of web design. That, and I’ve had to work on numerous other web projects that I can’t seem to get a grasp of. My design process is failing me once again. I have to find inspiration somewhere.

Started watching Sousei no Aquarion, which seems quite interesting so far. Also, the new .hack anime was officially announced recently. It is, thankfully, being done by BeeTrain with music from Yuki Kajiura. That right there is my most anticipated anime for this year, even more so than Tsubasa Chronicle.

Finally, for some odd reason, I’ve been recalling lots of old memories. Mostly happy and fond ones, but still it strikes me as odd that suddenly all these things keep flowing through my mind.

It’s really dark outside. I hope it rains.

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