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Slightly Sick
Monday October 03, 2005

I’m incredibly tired from last night. Oh, Serenity was actually a pretty good movie. A good mix of action, horror, and comedy. I enjoyed it a lot, though the way some of the actor’s spoke was incredibly annoying.

As for the days events, instead of elaborating and writing long paragraphs about every little thing I did recently, I’m just going to cut straight to the point and list most of them in a single paragraph. I’ll only elaborate when needed, because I’m sure sure no one wants to read about everything I did in detail.

Marc sent me an e-mail, and I just replied. Zaion just finished downloading. Completed Rogue Squadron II. Joshua and Kristin made me sick. Golden Retrievers became available for me to purchase in Nintendogs. Got my latest issue of Nintendo Power. Waiting for my Final Fantasy VII figures to come in. Still didn’t eat the candy I bought last night. Completed another mission in Advance Wars Dual Strike. It rained a little today.

Anyway, I think I’m going to head to sleep now… maybe… minasan, oyasuminasai.

Tuesday October 04, 2005

Did the power just go out? Everything turned off for a split second, and then turned right back on.

Anyway, does anyone really need a 30 GB e-mail account? Most people don’t even use 100 MB, but a company decides to give away 30 GB for free? I certainly don’t need it, but I got it anyway. Never say you couldn’t use an extra 30 GB, especially when its given to you for free. You can also use it as file storage, though they haven’t completely implemented this feature yet. You have to e-mail attachments back to yourself right now, but they plan to add a seperate control panel for file storage. They actually have a lot of stuff in the works, and since this is beta, I forsee many new things in the coming weeks. If you want an account, I have 7 invites to give out (its an invite only beta), so just let me know.

Walked my Nintendog. Still can’t beat Malpercio in Baten Kaitos. Finished another mission in Advance Wars Dual Strike. Started to watch Suzuka. Illness seems to be going away. Got my latest issue of Nintendo Power. What happened to the tropical storm? imeem seems like a really awesome community.

Once again, I’m tired. I’ve been feeling really tired lately. Maybe because I am somewhat sick. I know I’ve been sleeping earlier, and its not like I do many physical activities. I’m probably going to try to finish another mission in Advance Wars, then spend the entire night watching anime.

Fort Minor
Friday October 07, 2005

I was taking a look at the logs for my web server. I found that a huge amount of people link and refer to my site. Especially since I had a few of the Revolution controller pictures hosted on my server. I get hits even today requesting those pictures. So many different people and sites visit, that I find it incredibly amazing. Search engines seem to like my website a lot too, as I find links to my site on the first page of results when searching for specific topics.

By the way, because I’m a Kawaii Kon Director, I get a few passes to Kawaii Kon 2006 if anyone would like to come and enjoy. They are completely free, and are valid for the duration of the convention. If you’d like one, message me to let me know. You have to tell me sometime soon, since I have to personally request these passes and relay your information through the proper channels. Also, I only want to give them out to people who will actually attend and enjoy the event; I don’t want to waste these passes.


Poor alien girl.

While Fort Minor may not be Linkin Park, Mike is still involved with it, and thats reason enough for me to check it out. Thankfully I did, and I found myself enjoying the rap-oriented music that I found. It was somewhat Linkin Park, a little pop, and rap. I really hate rap, but I can enjoy it when I hear Mike rapping. He stays far away from the topics of whores and rides, which are some of the topics that I despise in mainstream rap.

Played Resident Evil 4. Played Animal Crossing. Did some research for general web design. Still waiting for my Final Fantasy VII figures. Finished another mission in Advance Wars Dual Strike. Lost a mission in Advance Wars Dual Strike. Played more of Resident Evil 4. Watched Joey, Will & Grace, and Everwood. Continued watching DNAngel.

Anyway, time for a restart.

Sunday October 09, 2005

In addition to Geist and Pokemon XD (which I got a few days ago), I picked up Trace Memory. I haven’t really started yet, but from the opening and the first few minutes of play, it seems like an incredible game that I’m going to enjoy. I hope that Trace Memory breathes new life into the fading ‘point-and-click adventure’ genre. I loved playing those on the computer back in the day. And damn both Toys N Joys for not having Ouendan! I would’ve so bought it! Thats 50 bucks that you could’ve had!!!!

I was shocked to find that the Nintendo areas in Software Etc. and GameStop have been reduced to almost nothing. DS and GameBoy Advance games didn’t even have its own wall in one of the stores. It was very sad to see, especially when it was replaced with a system that hasn’t even been released yet, and already has a very weak launch line-up. No matter where they stick you Nintendo, I’ll always buy your games.


A great thing happened tonight. Daniel called. It was a big surprise. You know you have friends that never call you just to talk and say hello, and they only call when they want something. Well Daniel called to say hi, and to talk a bit. It felt just like an online conversation though, since we ended up talking about games. It never ends with him. Thats fine though, since I enjoy talking to him. It was real nice. Thanks for calling Daniel.

Called Toys N Joys in Pearlridge and Kaimuki. No Ouendan today. Thought about getting Jump Super Stars, but decided not to. Ate some delicious soba. Drank an Oreo bubble drink. Bought Trace Memory. Finished a few more missions in Geist. Still haven’t started to play Pokemon XD. Sister bought another Cavalier in Nintendogs, so now I have two dogs to watch over. Still waiting for my Final Fantasy VII figures.

Alright, well I’m going to play Trace Memory now.

Oh, and Aaron? I’ve just asked my superiors about what information I’ll be needing from you. So as soon as I get their reply, I’ll message, or e-mail you with more information.

Wednesday October 12, 2005

Trace Memory was simply awesome. Yes, it was short, but everything else definitely makes up for that. I even teared near the end… and I’ve never done that for a game ever. I’ve got a review of Trace Memory, and of Geist, that I’ll put up later in the Nintendo blog. By the way, I’m loving Pokemon XD.

So I’m slowly working on version three. I got a lot of great ideas, and hopefully some awesome layout will strike me sooner or later. I’m testing out some new design ideas and techniques, along with updated software, so it should take more time to complete than previously.

Also, for all you Kawaii Kon staffers, the November Meet & Greet has now been marked as mandatory. Basically, that means you better show up. Nothing incredibly bad will happen if you dont’ show up, but you will miss out on a major event.

Anyway, I’m going to play through Trace Memory again, then head to sleep. Goodnight everyone.

Something New
Monday October 24, 2005

Been working hard… life is kind enough to shower me with web design jobs. The most recent one has a deadline of… tomorrow (and I just learned about it last night). I did most of the work thankfully, and now only have to work on the finishing touches and maybe adding some eye candy.

On top of that, I’ve been working on my own website, and it’s just about complete. I have a few things to finish with the weblogs, and maybe creating some Flash or something like that, and then some debugging. After all of that, it’ll be ready for release. That means that you shouldn’t expect any updates or reviews, since I save those all for one giant update (and let me tell you, it’s a big one).


Anyway, I probably should get back to work… or maybe play with my DS.

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