Stuff from September 2005.

Virtual Insanity
Sunday September 04, 2005

We ended up playing Karaoke Revolution all night. Which actually wasn’t too bad… more fun that I initially thought. I got a few perfect scores, and kicked everyone’s butt a couple of times. Of course that means I also got kicked around a few times. There were some songs that I just didn’t know. There were also a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard in a long time. We sang some Britney Spears, some oldies, some Dido. We sang a lot… almost too much maybe. It was lots of fun though.

We got hungry in the middle, so we headed to Zippy’s. I hadn’t been there in a LONG time, so it was a little nostalgic. The food was still overpriced, and it still sucked, but thats Zippy’s.

It was a fun night. I’m really tired.

Everything is going great.

Early Mornings
Monday September 05, 2005

The morning always start out with…


A little Nintendogs, and a little coffee.

Sunday September 11, 2005

I woke up early this morning, just to check the news, e-mail and downloads. Played a little MapleStory, and leveled up. Then I had to wait get picked up so that I could head out with some people. I had just popped Samurai Warriors into the PS2 when the car arrived… great timing.

Anyway, met Frank, who is an interesting guy. Then got my hair cut by a completely different interesting guy. He had this style in the way he cuts his hair. He was very animated, but at the same time, really skilled. He really did an awesome job. So much so, that I trusted him enough to just go crazy with my hair. He used some weird tool to ‘razor’ my hair, which turned out to be pretty damn awesome. He gave me the look that I always wanted. Though at the end of the day, I have a feeling it’ll never look that good ever again. I’m not good at styling my own hair. Maybe I can try, but I have a feeling it won’t happen anytime soon.

Then we headed to Lifetouch to get pictures done. It was a horrible process. The staff at Lifetouch were all kids who were slow and disorganized. Still, I got to hang with Sheldon for a while. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, and from his recent vents on Xanga and MySpace, it didn’t seem like he was doing well.

Oh by the way, we were in Ross before we headed to Lifetouch. The fire alarm went off. It was interesting to see everyone’s reaction. Everyone just looked around baffled as to what was going on. There was no actual fire, but had there been one, a lot of people would have died or at least get close to death. They were all so dumb. Most stopped looking for things to buy and proceeded to the checkout. I mean come on, fire alarm means fire, which means get out of the store or else burn.

Anyway, I’m tired, so I’m gonna go to sleep.

Advent Children
Monday September 12, 2005


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out earlier today. I have to say that I was quite happy with it, although I can’t really say much since I didn’t finish the game. I stopped when a certain someone died. There was a short recap of what went on during the game, sort of an introduction to VII, so I was at least able to grasp most of it. Anyway, I wrote up a review of it over in the Anime Blog.

To sum it up: it was good, but not great.

Anyway, I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now.

Oh, by the way Angela, I do read it all. Thanks for commenting.

Vulnerable Defense
Thursday September 22, 2005

So I got into this ‘heated debate’ with someone over a forum for a few days. We were arguing about the Nintendo Revolution controller, Nintendo’s innovation, Sony and Microsoft’s lack of innovation and infrastructure, and things like that. Its not that I enjoy having to defend my precious Nintendo, its just really annoying that there are people so horribly ignorant and unable to see anything past their XBox controller.

Thank goodness he wasn’t some smart kid though, or I would’ve ended up… pwned. Then again, I would’ve probably beat his ass back to Atari even if he was smart. He didn’t have all of his facts straight, doesn’t seem to know how to read, and just blurted out random stuff most of the time. Each and every reply, I kicked him down a few levels. Nobody is going to admit it of course, then that would be giving up. This morning I read his latest reply, and he seems to have done just that. He uses that horrible line: well I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree. That likes shouting ‘RUN’ into your DS while playing Lunar. Anyway, I won, and even if it had continued to go on, I still would’ve won.

Yes, I’m a fanboy. But I like to think that I’m a sensible one. I don’t say stuff like ‘OMG TEH XBOX SUX’ especially when it doesn’t, and I admit that it doesn’t. Its the software that I don’t find interesting. While I don’t particularly like things like Gran Turismo, and Grand Theft Auto, there is no denying that they are well concieved games, they just don’t suit my tastes. Anyway, I’m done with that.

On a few other notes, my latest issue of Nintendo Power has yet to arrive. I could request a replacement issue, but then I’d probably end up with 2 of the same issue just like I did the first time. I probably should just wait. My Naki G-Pak that I bought for my GameCube should be arriving in around a week. IGN reviewed it very well, so I hope its a really good travel/storage case.

I started watching Koi Kaze… and I really like it. Nevermind the fact that its all about incest. The first episode made me cry… while they were on the ferris wheel.

Tears. Video Games. Anime. Nintendogs. Discussions.
Life, at full speed.

Listening to: Tallon Overworld - Metroid Prime OST

Saturday September 24, 2005

Someone wanted to play Diablo II, and its not like I was busy… so I played some Diablo II. While it certainly wasn’t the game it was back when it first came out, its still fun and fast paced. Too bad it only lasts for a little while, then you realize that its the same thing over and over.

Anyway, I was cleaning up my room a little, and I stumbled upon two PlayStation 2 memory cards. Now I know I only own one myself (I had another… but Justin took it), so I have no idea where these 2 came from. I turned on the PS2 and checked the data on the cards… and I found Karaoke Revolution data (among other things). Karaoke Revolution should ring a bell… Angela? Edwin? You guys probably forgot your cards when we were playing games the other week.

I know I had thought about a whole bunch of different things to write about… but that was before I started playing Diablo II. Stupid game… I’m tired, and I’m going to head to sleep now. I hope it rains hard, and thunder strikes, and lightning fills the dark sky. That will be one beautiful day.

Oh! Birthday wishes go out to Molly, Terrell, Aaron, and Mark.

Monday September 26, 2005

I tried… I really tried. Once again, all my attempts do nothing… nothing at all. I don’t understand why my every attempt to help ends up not only in failure, but destroying almost everything else surrounding it.

I can’t really put any of my thoughts into words. My mind is too much of a mess to do anything at the moment. Sure, I could just explain the entire situation, but that won’t help and isn’t a good idea to do in public.

I don’t ever remember an instance where I’ve tried to help, and been successful.

I guess I should sleep on it, then awaken in a few hours exactly the same as always: worried and crying. Such is my life, and unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to change.

Back Home
Wednesday September 28, 2005

Evidently, my ‘home’ involves broken promises, dishonest individuals, depression and sadness, and very little of anything that resembles happiness.

My skies have always been dark, and it seems as if it’ll remain that way. There are no signs of it ever changing.

You say one thing, and the next day it’s forgotten like a bad song. Sometimes you say something, and it isn’t even noticeable enough to be considered good or bad. No consideration at all.

Anyway, I’m sorry to everyone who seems to have been somewhat affected by my current issues. It isn’t fair, especially when most of you have only been kind, loving, and supportive.

I guess this is just who I am, and I can’t get away from it no matter what happens, how long things drag on, or how my environment changes.

A life filled with nothing but sadness and worry.
Life, halted.

Magical Ninjas
Friday September 30, 2005

So for all the staffers of Kawaii Kon, the all-important ‘Meet & Greet’ has now been scheduled. While its not required to attend, it still would be nice to come. The founders of Kawaii Kon are flying in to talk some and get to know everyone. Department Directors (including myself) and other staffers will be on hand to answer questions. This will also be another chance for people to sign-up to volunteer for the convention. You can contact me for more information about that, or check the Kawaii Kon website/forums.

I believe last year there were some prize giveaways, and its supposed to be happening this year as well. Refreshments are also available. Its also a good chance to meet fellow con-goers and other people, if you need a few new friends. You can also pay for your Kawaii Kon membership there.

What: Kawaii Kon Founders Meet & Greet
When: 7:30 PM on Friday, November 4th
Where: The Carnation Room, 2nd floor of the Ala Moana Hotel

Also, October is Kids & Youth Month here in Hawaii, and it begins with a number of events happening this Sunday at the State Capitol. Kawaii Kon staff and friends will be around advertising the convention, and I’ll probably make it too if I haven’t already drowned from the rain. Most of us should be wearing Kawaii Kon t-shirts, and probably be focused near the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament area, since we’re partnering up with DaPlanet to make this happen. The tournaments will be held at room 239 in the Capitol building, so look there for the Kawaii Kon community, or if you feel like playing Yu-Gi-Oh. If you want, you can even join the Kawaii Kon community in its advertising efforts, just meet up with us at 9:30 AM in the room mentioned above.

As always, all the information on Kawaii Kon, it’s community, and it’s efforts are on the official website and message boards. So send me an e-mail, a private message, or look for me on the message boards and these events for more information.

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