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Friday June 03, 2005

This post describes past developments of this website that are no longer relevant. It has been archived for posterity.

I redesigned all the weblogs, and changed my main website a little. The weblogs are now a separate component, so they’ve been given a fresh new look and lots of new content. I also added a new weblog for me to write in: Nintendo. I’ll start writing about Nintendo continuously, from the games to the news. I’m also planning to expand both the Anime Blog and Nintendo Blog with new features, and hopefully, a community-like atmosphere.

As for the weblogs page design, I ran with a “minimal” look because weblogs are all about the entries, and not the flashy images and pretty curves. Although i’ll try out new things every so often to bump up the overall design. But for now, it’ll remain as it is, considering that right now its very friendly and easy to use (and those two things are always my goals when designing a website). Its only been about a day and a half since I started working on this,but I have to say that its coming out much better than I initially expected. I’m happy, now I just gotta get back to work.

I’m contemplating on whether or not I should just convert all my websites to this new design. I do want something more elaborate for my main website, but I really like this new layout a lot.

Monday June 13, 2005

So today started with a lot of designing. I was working on my website for most of the day, with some breaks of Resident Evil 4 every so often. After some rushing to get ready, I headed off to Pan-Pacific Matsuri Parade in Waikiki. My first time to the event, and it was quite nice. I missed a little of the beginning, but still got to enjoy the rest of the attractions. Lots of dancing. It was also quite weird how old-fashioned Japanese dances were fused with modern rock/techno music. There was of course, traditional Japanese music, along with Koreans and Chinese. The weirdest part of the Pan-Pacific Matsuri Parade (keep the name in mind), is the fact that there were lots of high school bands from the mainland. While of course they were quite good, it still is really weird to have high school bands who have nothing to do with Asian culture, in an Asian culture parade.

After the parade was over, we headed over to Starbucks so that I could grab a drink. I tried the Mocha Coconut, which isn’t that great. Then we searched for a Curry House. It took forever! We walked almost all the way to Ala Moana, and then back to the DFS Galleria. Not to mention that we already walked greater distances for the parade, and had to stand for a long time to enjoy it, since it was so crowded. My legs hurt like hell.

On the way back home, I ended up seeing Justin. We talked the whole way home… about ‘them’... about life… about his cars and girlfriends… even about his lies. We talked about a whole range of topics. It did feel a little weird to me… I mean, after not talking to him for so long and only seeing him on MySpace. But it was a good talk, and enjoyable. While it doesn’t seem like he has changed much from before, he does seem to be doing better now. A tad bit more mature. But in the end, he is still Justin. Thats not necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully now I’ll talk to him more often, and probably hang out some time.

Anyway, I haven’t played Phantasy Star today, so I think I’m gonna work on the site a little, and then put more experience into my HUmar.

The 2nd Power
Monday June 13, 2005

This post describes past developments of this website that are no longer relevant. It has been archived for posterity.

I liked the design of my weblogs so much, that I decided to take it and throw it on my personal webpage. Since I’ve made a number of big changes, I kicked up the version number to 2.0. I also updated the look a little, added some graphics, and changed some text. This release is obviously not as graphic intensive as the previous release. I’ve decided to focus once again on content instead of design. My personal webpage has turned into a glorified identification card, and the real meat of the content is now focused on my weblogs and my photos.

Photo albums have been improved, and I’ll continue to work on them. I’ve been working on a comments feature so everyone can add comments to pictures, but the release of that feature is still up the air. You might also notice that I don’t have as many pictures, and that videos is nowhere to be found. First of all, I’m in the process of editing and replacing pictures, so I’ll have all my pictures up again sooner or later. As for videos, I’ve decided to just get rid of those, at least for now.

As for the weblogs, I’ve changed them slightly. A few design elements had to be changed so that it could be integrated with my personal website. You’ll find that all navigation tasks for a weblog is on the right side of every page. I’ve also done a little more work on the graphics, and for something really simple, I think it looks great. Of course, I added more entries, articles, and reviews. You’ll also find special coverage of Electroplankton (for the Nintendo DS).

I’ve made quite a few changes, and I’m far from done. There will be a lot of cleaning up in the updates to come, along with more pictures, articles, and reviews. I’ll also be working on the graphics a little more, since I can dedicate more time to design than to content now. Anyway, thanks for always visiting. Be sure to checkout the site, and enjoy!

Saturday June 25, 2005

I’m going to die out in the wilderness. I pray for some civilization. Though there is a convenience store nearby.

The one dog here has a sickness, and its dying at a rapid pace. Ok. The Mac Mini is pretty, but thats all Macs are, pretty.

Its probably time to go very soon, we kinda have to set-up tents and wait for the others to arrive. I want food, I’m hungry now. Thankfully I brought my DS so I should be quite content as far as entertainment goes.

Brad hurt himself, or something, and is getting a cast. Anyway, I’m going to headout. BYE!

Wednesday June 29, 2005

So camping wasn’t so perfect, though it also wasn’t that bad. I would have to say that I had fun, despite not having video games or anime. My music library was very limited. But the great thing was the people. It was awesome. Made even better by having Jon, Matt, and Lauren there. They provided much of the comedy that was otherwise lacking in Joshua, Kristin, and myself.

It was all good though. We all had fun cooking. I learned that roasted marshmallows over an open fire tastes like crap. My nose has officially begun to peel. Joshua’s car went through hell sitting on the beach. We’ll be better prepared next time, if there is a next time. We actually had a really great spot at Bellows. Near the entrance, near the bathrooms and showers, and somewhat seperated from the other residents there. Though the beaches were always busy during the day, which is something I didn’t like.

We talked about a lot of stuff. I found it actually quite fun. I feel like I have gotten closer to the rest of the people, which is a good thing. Though I might have learned some things that I really don’t want to know now. Makes me laugh really…

Oh, then on Monday I saw Howl’s Moving Castle with Joshua and Kristin.

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