Stuff from March 2005.

Friday March 11, 2005

I updated the entire site. So everything is almost brand-spanking new. Doesn’t look new? Trust me it is.

I upgraded the weblog software to the latest and greatest product available from pMachine: Expression Engine. There are tons of new features and most that I haven’t even tapped in to yet. Rest assured that I’ll be developing new features with ExpressionEngine. For now, the core software and basic functionality is available on the website. Permalinks and trackbacks are now available, as well as RSS Syndication in 3 of the most popular RSS formats.

The Profile section has been completely revised. Now only containing the most basic of information (enough to fit ONE page).
The Portfolio section has also been redone… everything is gone except Photos and Videos.
Help is gone, and so are most of the extra pages that I never really needed.
The Anime Blog is still here… alive and kicking with brand new entries and a slightly revised navigation area.

All member accounts have been deleted, as well as alot of the old weblog entries and comments. So its almost like we’re starting over here. I posted some of the past weblog entries that I wanted to keep, and deleted everything else. Site registration is not available to the public right now, so bear with it until I decide to allow it.

Other than that, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, let me know! Lots more is currently in the works, and as always I will update my weblog more often, and update my Anime Blog with more content.

Thanks for the continued visits and support! Enjoy The Hack Project - Release 11.5!

More Toys
Saturday March 19, 2005

So I went to the anime store again, bought some Bleach toys (finally!). Bleach is really awesome, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t have some toys to go along with an awesome series.

Ate some food at Don Don, which was actually really good, and it wasn’t expensive, although the actual restaraunt area is quite small. I also bought Yoshi’s Touch & Go, which looks like an awesome game, I’‘ve been wathching the demo, and haven’t really played any of it yet. But I will as soon as I stop walking around Ala Moana.

Anyway, gonna jet. Got stuff to buy, people to see.

Touch & Go
Thursday March 24, 2005

Yoshi Touch & Go is an awesome game that makes GOOD use of the features available on the Nintendo DS. Its not just a bunch of touch-sensitive mini-games. Its an actual game that uses new gameplay mechanics, something that hasn’t been done pretty much since the beginning of video gaming. Although there isn’t much story to it, which didn’t make me too happy. Anyway, its an awesome game that shouldn’t be left out of anyone’s Nintendo DS game library.

Something tomorrow? Something Saturday? Geez, this week has been pretty busy. But that’s good though, being busy is never really a bad thing.

I’m waiting for more exciting announcements from this world we live in… although, only about the stuff I really care about.

‘Hundred Stories’ is really getting to me. Its just so messed up. Its not a good anime, yet you still get interested in each individual story.

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