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Sunday February 06, 2005

Did I already use that title? I have some weird feeling I did… I don’t like repeating titles…

Anywho. Happy Birthday Joshua! So we’re gonna head out to Reign tonight and celebrate his birthday. Hopefully he’ll get drunk and we can do tons of mean things and drop him off the side of the road at 4 in the morning! YAY! Although that would be kind of mean, wouldn’t it? Yeah… probably.

This is like the 3rd time this week I’ve been to Ala Moana, and the umpteenth time I’ve been hanging at the Mac store. I probably wouldn’t be here if Eric didn’t work here… probably be at Netwerx or Starbucks… that reminds me… I should go check Netwerx and grab myself a Starbucks..

Geez… Safari is such a horrible browser.

So I was thinking about the iPod Shuffle (1GB) or the iPod Photo (60GB)... price doesn’t really matter for me. But I would like one or the other. Though the Shuffle doesn’t seem to have any mode to change settings like bass or equalizer, which kinda bumbs me out. And the prospect of having to use iTunes to transfer music also irks me. There is probably a really good 3rd party application that can transfer and manage the iPod. In any case, i’ll either go for the iPod or the Sony Network. Its starting to look like the Network at this point, but then again there comes the PSP (which is $250 bucks! thats a total ripoff!). So there are lots of new gagdets to start worrying about.

Zoo Keeper was 34 bucks at GameRush. Cheaper than GameStop which is 42 bucks! I mean, its just a puzzle game! Why be so expensive? I could just save my money for FF3 and Animal Crossing DS. And I forgot my camera!!! Argh! How can I take pictures if I don’t have my camera! I didn’t bring any one of them! How can I forget! Argh! Too busy playing games to notice I guess…

Anywho, I wanna stop by Software Etc., Shirokiya, and probably Borders Express. I’ve been buying manga lately so I just feel like I gotta buy more. And maybe I can pickup more keychains? Or Taiyaki! Oh god I had that earlier today and it was good good good! Just like watching Kanon except eating it! That sounds so stupid.

Wow… this is actually one of my longer blogs. Hahaha… people actually stay in this store for an extended period of time. Like, forever! Thats crazy!

3 AM
Monday February 07, 2005

So it was a really late night on Saturday… or Sunday… both! Joshua got sick from drinking too much the previous night so he didn’t come with us. Kinda crappy since he is the birthday boy. But everyone else was there (oh, except Pat), and we met up with Risa and all her girlfriends and headed to Reign. They got in free (dammit), but the guys paid. It was acutually kinda fun. I enjoyed Reign… I mean, compared to other clubs. Reign was clean and spacious, had places to sit and rest. The dance floor wasn’t too big, but was tons of fun when you did dance (and I did! I even made Kris dance!). Eric is sure fucking crazy on the dance floor, I expected him to pass out and die with everything he was doing.

Then at around 2 we headed to Sorabol for food. The ladies working that night sure were annoying, and Jashy was drunk so he was crazy. Chris and Erin took a while to get there, but did so just as we began ordering. Good timing!

Then we ate food, talked, acted like drunken underage teens, and laughed at the waitresses. I never stayed at Sorabol so early/late… so it was a new thing… sorta.

But all in all, it was tons of fun.

Friday February 11, 2005

So Risa is coming and we’re going to watch anime at her house! Yay! Eric and Joshua should show up… and then we’re going Jelly’s to hangout. Should be fun!!!
MegaMan X Command Mission sucks. Medal of Honor on the GameCube sucks too. I’m getting more 5-star ratings in Resident Evil 4, since I’m getting better at HUNK and Ada.
Happy Birthday Evette! I know I haven’t spoken to you or anything in like forever, but I think your still my friend and I’d be one sad kid without you. So Happy Birthday!
I need to pickup Wolf’s Rain 2 and complete my box set. Risa says Juvenile Orion was good so I can’t wait to get the last 2 books and see the anime.
Alright well I’ll catcha later and kill myself now. Haha! Just joking! Why would I want to kill myself!?

For A Long Time
Friday February 25, 2005

For a long time I’ve wanted to create my own anime weblog. A place where I can put my reviews and opinions, get feedback, and have my own personal database of anime that I’ve enjoyed over the years. After so long of trying to develop a design that works, or finding a method that works, I’ve got it. So now I’ve put online my Anime Blog, full with archiving and commenting features, along with pictures, anime synopses, and tons of personal opinions.

I also have a lot more where that came from, and certainly more will be added in the near future (and probably forever).

I was watching The Apprentice last night, and they were doing a promotion for a Gran Turismo 4… I got annoyed because everyone kept saying Gran Tureesmo 4. That ‘ee’ was just incredibly annoying. I’m pretty sure it isn’t Tureesmo… its just Turismo. Anyway, both graffiti ads sucked. I could’ve done better! And why does the elevator door always conveniently open first for those who haven’t gotten fired, and then open for the fired contestant. Magic… I suppose. Why the heck do I care… the show rocks and its entertaining so I can’t complain.

Anyway… I’m level 31 now…
Less than 2 months left…

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