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Beginning - 2005
Monday January 03, 2005

There are sure to be lots of new and exciting things for this new year. And I can’t wait for them all to happen.

The year has barely begun and I already have quite a schedule on my hands. Now to just get it all arranged…

Hey everyone! Ultrazone and Karaoke was tons of fun! Crazy how much fun I had. All the Japanese anime music too! Even though they were all horrible MIDI songs… at least the words were there to carry everyone along. I can’t believe I didn’t kick everyone’s ass at Ultrazone… but I know I kicked that damn game master’s ass. He was such an asshole.

I’ve been working so hard on release 11. Its almost ready! I’ve got all the old content done, and now to add the new pictures and videos, clean up a bit, make any final adjustments… and UPLOAD!

Last year was great… but you know what? This year is gonna be 10x as better! Happy new year everyone!

As Previously Stated
Friday January 07, 2005

So I was browsing through the many directories of my other hard drive… cleaning it out, and trying to see what kinda stuff I had in there (besides lots of anime). I come across an archive that I had forgotten about a long time ago, I probably put it there because I didn’t want to remember ‘past’ things… I don’t know.

Anyway, I found documents and chat logs buried within that achive. Lots of them. I’ve never seen them before, and don’t recall ever borrowing them, or reading them, or someone giving them to me… I don’t recall at all how they got there. Maybe they were in some disk I let someone borrow? Anyway, I don’t really care how I got them, they were just there.

And me being myself of course, I just had to dive right into them. Many of them were titled with the people involved in the conversation, and stuff like that. A lot of documents were of people I couldn’t give a shit for, but there were also many documents between the ‘previous group’ like Molly, Kara, Julie, Chris, Rven… even myself and anyone else ever involved with the ‘previous group’.

Amazing how much they speak of each other while everyone isn’t around. I mean its just kinda scary… really. Speculation… heartache… love… sex… feelings. It never ended… I even teared up a few times while going through it.

These documents are big wonderful juicy pieces of text that were just waiting to be found… and are just begging to be read by other people. There are many topics… that… well… shall we say… are quite personal. Opinions that would screw another over. Stories that would make your heart drop. Experiences that would put a stake through your soul. Although most of it was just fun to read, there were some parts that just made me laugh, or think ‘What the fuck!?” It was really more than I could chew…

And after reading most of it, it makes me quite happy to know that I no longer dwell with most of those people. I mean, if all of this shit just came flooding out, it would tear everyone a part. Of course there are still a few that I care very much for, and reading their parts and pieces made me quite sad. Sad indeed. The kind of sadness I haven’t felt in a long time. Though it was really only for a moment… sadness doesn’t like me anymore.

Though for the people that don’t really cause any drama or action, there really isn’t anything about you people there. Though many names are mentioned. It just goes to show you how everyone felt about each other… and probably how they still do.

So now that I found all these documents… I wonder what I can do with them. I could put them all up in a brand new section of my website. Though I’m not a mean person. I could go and call up the people involved and just laugh. Though once again, I’m not a mean person. I could change the document names to something like ‘free sex’ and create a torrent and let it spread around the entire Internet. But alas, I am not a mean person. So i’ll just leave them be.

On a side note, I talked to a few people recently. Of course I wished them some happy holidays! But it was great to know that most of them were doing quite well. Ahh… to hear that name being called once again was quite a delight. Makes me miss some of the old days… but then again, I think about those old days and push them as far from my mind as possible. Not needed at all in my life… there are many better things happening.

I wonder how they all feel; stupid? sad? happy? interested?
I know most of them certainly can’t be happy… at least not truly happy. Why reading things like Xanga just makes me laugh so much! Dang they need lives… they really do.

For some reason, their sadness brings delight to my eyes… finally I’ve gotten my priorities straight. Everything that shouldn’t be in place has fallen away, and all the good things have returned to me. If I could share the happiness that I feel with the world, there wouldn’t be any sadness.

Don’t know what love means eh? Too bad… because its a damn wonderful thing. Indeed.

Resident Evil 4
Wednesday January 19, 2005

I added the pictures from GT5… so they are online now.
Appleseed was good! I enjoyed it! Though the dub wasn’t the best… could’be been better.
I don’t know what foods to bring! Suggest something Kris!!! Argh!
Got a lot to read and catch up on…
Naruto is so freaking predictable! ARGH!
Oh, I finished Resident Evil 4! ITS SUCH A KICK ASS GAME! There are even some extra mini-games to play when you finished the game… they are quite hard. But overall the game is awesome! And the graphics! *drool*

An End
Sunday January 23, 2005

So i finished Resident Evil as well… after finishing Resident Evil 4 I had this sudden urge to finish the first one (which I never ever finished by the way). It wasn’t too dissapointed, 4 is obviously the best in the series. But 1 was also very good… it wasn’t as confusing as I thought it was. I finished it with minimal help from any guides.

Lately I’ve been on this tofu thing… I really like eating it with hot sauce. Sigh. Now I’m getting hungry!

Some important stuff coming up in the next week… it shall be a good week just like all the others. I updated the site a little bit, added a few new pictures and images, changed navigation a bit, and just played around with some other stuff. Nothing really major, pretty much the same old.

Now I’m just browsing through some photos… fixing some errors that were pointed out… and just thinking about the coming week.

Friday January 28, 2005

So tomorrow is the meeting. I haven’t been to that place in a long time so I’ll get to see how it has changed since I was quite the small lad.
I was looking at the iPod Shuffle, but I want the 1GB version, not the dumb 512 version. $150 for the 1GB version, what a rip-off!
Have some updates for the site planned, but I just haven’t got around to uploading them… yet. Maybe next week.
Some other things planned for the coming week/month. So I can’t wait.
There is so much to watch on TV now, that I’m actually missing stuff that I want to see. Damn schedules.

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