Stuff from December 2004.

Thursday December 16, 2004

So I’ve gotta try and find this anime store that I’ve been hearing about. They seem to have a lot of stuff, but I’ll see it when I get there. Hopefully they’ve got some .hack toys.

I know I saw a Rock Lee pillow and “Noel” immediately jumped into my mind. But I don’t think Noel would’ve liked sleeping with Rock Lee nightly. At least Lee wouldn’t move around in bed though… a quiet sleep.

Trying to work on an anime database of sorts for myself. I’ve watched so much and have so much opinions, theories and information that I just need some place to organize it all and put it somewhere. So probably online soon enough…

There already is a hardware device that allows the GBA:SP and Nintendo DS to play music, movies, and all other types of files. But now there is gonna be an official product from Nintendo to perform some of those actions. That’s awesome… hopefully it’ll look better and work better than the third party product. The DS is so exciting… Naruto game… Animal Crossing… Advance Wars… Goldeneye… its like the old days, except… new!

Today will be a good day I suppose… that’s great!

Plain View
Sunday December 19, 2004

Well Noel, last time I saw it, it was in plain view. You couldn’t go anywhere in the store without noticing Rock Lee’s large round pillow head.

So I visited a few stores than had anime toys and collectibles. I ended up buying a crap load of stuff… I don’t have my pictures with me now so I can’t put up images… but I will later. I bought some Fullmetal Alchemist toys and keychains… and plushies… and some Naruto toys… and some .hack figurines…

Toys N Joys is such a stupidly built store! Its so tiny… and in Kaimuki it was hell! So many people… waiting in line, and saying excuse me every 2 seconds. And we were trying to get some games out of the glass case, but dammit Wal-Mart they are so slow. Everyone was busy. STUPID CHRISTMAS SEASON! At least things are cheap…

The anime store is supposed to get a new shipment in at the end of the month. That should be good… and my LPU4.0 package should arrive in a few days.

That adds to my personal otaku collection.

Merry Christmas 2004
Saturday December 25, 2004

Sailor Moon Live Action is so freakin’ funny!!!!! Oh my goodness… I’d download it just to laugh.

Alright so I’m trying to decide what type of mobile media player to get. I’m gonna wait until the Nintendo DS media player comes out, but I want a MP3 player of sorts. I don’t like the iPod and I will continue to not like it until it starts supporting WMA files. So I think I’m gonna go for the new Sony Network HD… its pretty awesome looking… I mean that iPod white gets so boring and the colored minis are SO UGLY. So I think the Network is what I’m going for.

Merry Christmas to everyone! This year has to be the best Christmas I’ve had so far. So many new things, new emotions, old friends and new ones. Damn… you will never believe how great the past few months have been.

I was trying to get the last rabbit… but dammit that’s a hard trick to pull off… and I don’t have all the stars… YET!

So Happy New Year everyone! I hope you don’t die from fireworks… or burn your hands off.

I’ll catch you all in the new year!!!!!!! Its going to be another great one!

Wednesday December 29, 2004

I don’t think I’ll be singing today… unless there is some good anime music.

Oh, by the way, Darkness was okay. If you like crappy endings I mean. It was good up until the end. But you kinda get what happens anyway so I guess they decided not to waste money on an ending that is already decided.

Hopefully I’ll get a good score today… makes me wanna go airsofting… maybe later!

Well I wanna checkout what’s here at Ala Moana so I’m gonna shove off.
And Justin looks like such a… gangster… mind you that’s not an insult.

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