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The Beginning of Fall
Monday August 09, 2004

So Fall has unofficially begun… and summer has ended. Hopefully the weather gets more comfortable now… its been really muggy lately. Everything has been great, I’ve been working furiously on other side-projects, while keeping this website updated, and indulging myself in my share of anime.

I finished a couple of new anime series, some of which were pretty good, and others that weren’t quite as good as I expected them to be. But none of it was a waste of bandwidth/time, as they all provide different perspectives on many aspects of life. Even if the comedy and sexual situations are useless, there is always some underlying truth or story to anime. I would hope that more people get that truth out of watching anime, than anything else. There are so many great ideals embedded in the translation, that most people miss it because they are too focused on the tired aspects of the anime. I’m going to begin some new animes tonight, and continue some familiar favorites.

Elections here in Hawaii begin pretty soon. I’ve already decided to participate, something I’ve wanted to do since I learned about politics and elections. I’ve decided to vote for Kerry… Bush is just doing a horrible job and I want to see substantial change, and certainly anyone other than Bush can bring that about. I wouldn’t be surprised if the many new accusations of President Bush were discovered as true. I’ll also vote for Mufi, just because he seems like a person who is right for the job. Bainum just scares me. As for the rest of the candidates, I’ll just vote based on my knowledge. The only positions I really care about is President, Governor, and Mayor… and maybe the positions in my district.

The new Resident Evil movie opens this weekend… I think. I really want to see it. I can’t wait. I also want to see Suspect Zero, and a couple of other movies.

Went to the Okinawan Festival last weekend. It was actually quite interesting, the performances were pretty ok. And there was lots of different things to see and do. They also had those drinks, from Japan, where it has that marble in the neck of the bottle. Getting to try that was worth the trip to town. We had lots of fun, ate food… it was also really hot though. I don’t usually sweat, but I couldn’t stop sweating there. That was the most horrible part. But other than that, the festival was lots of fun. And at the end, I called up some old friends to talk. It was pretty awesome. A day to remember. Oh, and for the first time in my life, we saw real-life Venus fly traps. That was also amazing!

Two environments used too much space, so I converted back to just a single working environment. Frees up lots of space for the anime that gets downloaded. I am still running out of space. I also cleaned up my music library, I mean I had so much music, and there was a lot that I don’t listen to anymore, and a lot that I hate. So I just deleted them all, and reorganized them as much as possible. Adding album art, and missing tag information. I think I still have too much, but what can I say, I love music.

Joey premieres tomorrow night… and so does THE APPRENTICE! I can’t wait to find out if Joey is any good, and I know The Apprentice will be kick ass! And Everwood begins its new season next week I think, and soon after the other shows follow with brand new seasons. There are a couple of new shows that I’m also looking forward too… so I can’t wait for all of them.

I updated the site a little, fixed a couple of bugs I found, and reformatted and fixed any CSS problems that I found after last week’s update. Changed some pages… added a more descriptive view of my anime list.

This fall should be quite an interesting one. I can’ wait to see what happens.

dore kurai itami o hitori de kakaete kiteta no?
dore kurai samishisa hitomi ni kakushite hohoenda no?

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