Stuff from June 2004.

True Happiness
Wednesday June 02, 2004

As we hug, the only thing going through my mind is how much she means to me.

As our part of the group walked away, I seemed to walk at a lesser pace, probably because my mind was thinking at such a faster pace.

As I sit in the car, I think of everything. All the while watching the lights shift from one side of the car to the other, alternating and forming odd shapes and different hues of a similar color.

True happiness was when I was with her.
She didn’t need to say anything, and neither did I. Ever.
She could just be standing there and I would be happy.

Knowing that it’s all going to change is the worst part.
Knowing that things probably won’t be the same makes it so hard to let go.
Thinking that I may never see her again causes such a sharp pain in my body.

From every moment up to the hug, I tried to believe she wasn’t leaving.
And it worked quite well… I didn’t feel like she was leaving.
But as soon as we started to say goodbye, my eyes fell toward the floor.

It was over.

Wednesday June 09, 2004

Realize. That you are stupid. Once again, life provides that the dumb understand nothing, especially when they don’t TRY to understand anything. Maybe instead of making accusations, you should try to get ALL the information before you say anything.

Really some people have no life.

Putting that past aside. I dont have as much time as I used too… sigh. I added like two new spindles of anime, more and more to come! Saw some people today that I don’t usually see. Nice to see them again.

I know when your birthday was Mark. I didn’t forget. It was just early because I wasn’t sure if I would post on your birthday to give you proper birthday wishes on the right day. So I posted it early so keep me safe. *phew*

Hahahahahaha… sometimes I can only read and LAUGH!

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