Stuff from May 2004.

Another Minute
Monday May 10, 2004

So today was the final day for Marc. I’m glad that I finally got to hang with him. I had so much fun this entire week. It was the lift I needed from my cloud of depression.

But sadly, like everything else good in my life, it has to end. And so it did. With a simple hug and an exchange of some words, he drove away.

He’s probably sleeping now.

I hope he sleeps well.
I hope that the US Government would realize how great of a person they have enlisted in their useless army of drones.

I hope that he comes back, so that everything would be fun. So that I’d be happy again.

Have a safe trip Marc. Good bye.

Love to Hate
Friday May 14, 2004

Marc says that you may love a girl for a long time, but you can never love her forever.

I don’t believe that.

I don’t understand why Marc believes that. And since I don’t know the details of the relationship he pointed out to me as an example, I can’t quite place my figure on the facts.

He said there were no facts. That one day, you’ll simply just hate them.

For what is what I want to know. I don’t think you can hate someone because for no reason… there must be a reason.

Birthday! Yay…

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