Stuff from April 2004.

Monday April 05, 2004

So I was going to play Gunbound with Noel, but as soon as I logged on, I saw him log off. So I decided not to play and just browse the net.
It’s actually quite amazing what stuff you can find.

I haven’t seen those old pictures of me in such a very long time. The fire hydrant… DAMN!
But those were mostly good memories, so it was nice seeing everything around me flash before my eyes.

Old memories. Not replaced. Stored. Along with the brand new memories that I create everyday.

Do I sound depressed? NOPE! And that’s the best part.

I re-uploaded the entire site, so everything should be working properly, along with a slew of new content in the direction of videos and photos. And other minor changes here and there. Be sure to check it all out.

Holy shit, the brand new Zelda game looks fucking awesome. Multiplayer FUN!

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