Tuesday July 27, 2010

I have never been a fan of long distance relationships. I still am not. In fact, I had told myself that I would never get into one. They tend to fail far more often than work. Such evidence can be seen all around us. But I’m going to try something new, as I have been recently getting into the habit of doing new things. I’m going to prove myself wrong. I will take this belief I have and throw it out the window. Start fresh. I will do everything in my power to make this work - for me, and for you. Neither time nor distance will change what we’ve been working so hard to build.

Some people have noticed that I’ve been smiling quite a bit more often as of late. While there are certainly many factors for this, it all comes down to a single person.

He has breathed new life into me. Taught me things I thought I’d never learn, and shown me things that I never thought I’d see. He is the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the final thought as I fall asleep. Everything just seems right in the world with him by my side. He has become my best friend and my lover, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There will be many trials ahead. There will be dividing paths, tall barriers, and dark days. But I know that your smile will see me through it all. I can only hope that I will make you smile half as much as you make me.

I love you, Brent.

Wednesday March 31, 2010


I have wondered ‘bout you,
Where will you be when this is through
If all, if all goes as planned,
Will you redeem my life again?

My life again…

Fire the fields the weed is sown,
Water down your empty soul,
Wake the sea of silent hope,
Water down your empty soul,

Fight your foes you’re not alone,
Holy war is on the phone,
Asking to please stay on hold,
The bleeding loss of blood runs cold

And I need you to recover,
Because I can’t make it on my own,

I have wondered ‘bout you,
Where will you be when this is through
If all, if all goes as planned,
Will you redeem my life again?

And I need you to recover,
Because I can’t make it on my own.

Completed Games Tab - 2009
Tuesday January 05, 2010

The follow is a list of games that I have completed during 2009, organized by platform. Lists from previous years can be found in my archives.


Video Game Spending Tab - 2009
Tuesday January 05, 2010

The following is a summarized list of all my video game and related purchases for the year 2009. Games, systems, accessories, services, and all that other stuff too.


Falls Apart
Saturday December 26, 2009

As the end of the year approaches, and a new one peeks over the horizon, I find that everything appears to be changing all at once. Some of the things that I once loved and cherished are no longer as important in my life. I have lost a great deal, especially recently, and maybe not forever, but there are things that I will never get back. Other things that have been less prominent in my life seem to have come into focus. It has certainly been a year of change, more so than any other. Despite all of it, I still push through and live on.

This Christmas, like previous ones in recent memory, was very simple and quiet. I have never really been into the “Christmas spirit”, so really it was just another day off for me. Sure there were gifts, and more food than usual, but it still didn’t feel like anything special. I spent most of it doing absolutely nothing. Maybe that is my fault, or maybe i’m missing out on something. To be honest I really don’t care, I really just like having the day off.

“You and I, hand in hand,
We have just begun.”

I hope for good things in the new year. Most of all, I hope I can get out of here and never look back.

Bought a whole bunch of new stuff: a Vizio VOJ320F, an HP 2159m, a PS3 Slim 120GB and a bunch of games, a Canon PowerShot SD780IS, new furniture for my room, the new expansion for LoTRO, the first Glee soundtrack CD, new clothes and a new belt, and lots of other stuff. I got wasted for the first time in my life not too long ago. I estimate that I have spent around $2270 on video gaming this year. Renewed my Microsoft TechNet subscription. Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark is my friend. Just finished Modern Warfare 2.

Tuesday November 03, 2009


I had only gotten my original Touch Pro back in January, and of course I had to get the Touch Pro2 once it came out for AT&T. Of course, I was not eligible for a full upgrade so I had to lay down the 500 bucks. That’s alright though, totally worth it. The phone is snappier, has a larger screen, and a beautiful keyboard. Its a dream to use. Anyway, enough about the phone.

Picked up Halo 3: ODST but haven’t gotten around to playing much of it. Also picked up Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Dead Space Extraction. I think I am almost done with Dead Space, and it’s been quite enjoyable so far.

Halloween was fun. It certainly was not any of the drama that was last year, but it was just plain fun. Had dinner at CPK, and saw a bunch of interest costumes. Photos can be found on my Flickr account.

And that’s about it. Despite the fact that my last entry was ages ago, not much has really been happening. Work, games, friends, drama. Always the same.

I Remember
Sunday August 16, 2009

Feeling the past moving in.
Letting a new day begin.
Hold to the time that you know.
You don’t have to move on to let go.

You’ve done more than you know.
Now it’s time to say goodbye.

Party All The Time
Sunday August 09, 2009

It’s just about 3 AM right now. I’m sitting at the airport viaduct waiting for a bus so I can get home. I just left a house party all the way in Ewa Beach. Lots of fun, drama, drunk people, and a small scuffle with the neighbors. All normal ‘house party’ events. Anyway, it was getting late, and my colleagues had taken quite a liking to the alcohol available at the party. Brandon was slightly intoxicated, David was drunk and marking his territory, and Fred and Meilin had their own issues. Fred and Meilin headed out first, and I was tasked with taking Brandon and David home. Problem is, that David was the one who drove to begin with. So his car is the only option I had.

I took the wheel of David’s Scion tC (a very sexy car I might add), and took Brandon home first. An easy drive to Mililani. As I delivered Brandon home safe and sound, he wished me well and goodnight. I then started the drive to Salt Lake to take David home. Mind you, the whole time I was driving I had my own share of drinks from the party and was tired from previous days. I reached David’s house safe and sound, circled around the top of his street just like he always does (as to avoid scratching the underside of Kiyoshi), and carefully parked the car in the garage. I’m not strong by any means, but I attempted to help David inside the house. He plopped into bed, and I covered him with a blanket. I made sure his alarm was set, seeing as how he worked in the morning. I made sure everything was good, and then I turned off his light. I walked over and told him goodnight and that he better wake up for work. I don’t know if he heard me, but that’s alright. I shut his door and walked out of his house locking the door behind me. I took one last look at the car I drove, then walked down from Salt Lake to the airport viaduct, where I am currently.

It’ll probably take me hours to get home, as there are no running busses at this time, but that’s fine. Everyone else is safe at home, and that’s all that matters to me. My legs hurt, I have a headache and I can still feel the alcohol. I think I’m gonna lie down on the bench for a bit.

I hope the rest of you are safe at home, no matter what the night has done to you.

As for me, I’m a wreck, but still alive. So I’ll catch you all on the flip side.

Another day, another adventure.

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